Berry’s Sartorialist Challenge

My new year resolution is complete any challenge berry sets on her blog :D I just made that resolution half way through January yes I know.( Puts up her best serious face) , So, I have seen her Monday meme , and went out on the grid on a spree , I thought I would be visiting a lot of sims but I found someone really interesting right on the second sim I tried . So below is the picture ( taken with permission) and the conversation we had. Even though I am a socially inactive person ( Yes , just bloggers are not the ones standing on platforms berry ) But, I  did pretty good. YAY !

Sartorialist Challenge

Mr. Stallion Zoon. SL resident

[04:24] Stallion Zoon: (Saved Tue 13 Jan 2015 17:24:05) sure
[04:28] ΔɱßєƦ [AmberChaudry Corpur]: Ty for replying Zoon, i crashed sorry
[04:29] ΔɱßєƦ [AmberChaudry Corpur]: ok this might sound weird but can i take a pic of you for my flicker
[04:29] -Claudio Mehael- [Stallion Zoon]: ops, sure
[04:29] -Claudio Mehael- [Stallion Zoon]: but where have you seen me?
[04:29] ΔɱßєƦ [AmberChaudry Corpur]: we are doing a kind of activity , where we post pictures of avatars in interesting outfits :)
[04:30] ΔɱßєƦ [AmberChaudry Corpur]: i am on the sim right now
[04:30] ΔɱßєƦ [AmberChaudry Corpur]: i was just viisiting sims for finding someone
[04:30] -Claudio Mehael- [Stallion Zoon]: aaaah thats why^^ sure
[04:30] ΔɱßєƦ [AmberChaudry Corpur]: grins. ok and just curious
[04:30] ΔɱßєƦ [AmberChaudry Corpur]: what kind of outfit is it.
[04:30] -Claudio Mehael- [Stallion Zoon]: lemme take a look^^
[04:30] ΔɱßєƦ [AmberChaudry Corpur]: lol
[04:31] ΔɱßєƦ [AmberChaudry Corpur]: look at urself?
[04:31] -Claudio Mehael- [Stallion Zoon]: its called Imperial
[04:31] -Claudio Mehael- [Stallion Zoon]: and its from Champagne
[04:31] ΔɱßєƦ [AmberChaudry Corpur]: i meant did you dress up as some jinn or RPing as something
[04:31] -Claudio Mehael- [Stallion Zoon]: i was just trying on some old outfits to see if they fit with my new mesh body
[04:31] -Claudio Mehael- [Stallion Zoon]: :-)
[04:32] -Claudio Mehael- [Stallion Zoon]: so nothing spectacular
[04:32] ΔɱßєƦ [AmberChaudry Corpur]: oh its the TMP mesh body ?
[04:32] -Claudio Mehael- [Stallion Zoon]: Its the one from Jomo
[04:32] ΔɱßєƦ [AmberChaudry Corpur]: lol ok i thought you dressed up as a jinn since thats kind of the name of the sim
[04:32] -Claudio Mehael- [Stallion Zoon]: I know
[04:32] ΔɱßєƦ [AmberChaudry Corpur]: ahh ok. i will take the pic now :))
[04:32] -Claudio Mehael- [Stallion Zoon]: its more a Brazilian Outfit
[04:32] -Claudio Mehael- [Stallion Zoon]: sure
[04:32] ΔɱßєƦ [AmberChaudry Corpur]: do you mind me sharing the conversation for the readers?
[04:32] -Claudio Mehael- [Stallion Zoon]: should Berk stand a bit more beside
[04:33] ΔɱßєƦ [AmberChaudry Corpur]: if you can ask him too that would be great :)
[04:33] -Claudio Mehael- [Stallion Zoon]: naw…I am fine
[04:33] -Claudio Mehael- [Stallion Zoon]: as long you dont post my rl adress and phone number to your posting^^
[04:33] ΔɱßєƦ [AmberChaudry Corpur]: lollll oh lol
[04:33] ΔɱßєƦ [AmberChaudry Corpur]: giggles
[04:34] ΔɱßєƦ [AmberChaudry Corpur]: ty so much you are kind
[04:34] -Claudio Mehael- [Stallion Zoon]: anytime again
[04:34] -Claudio Mehael- [Stallion Zoon]: :-)
[04:34] -Claudio Mehael- [Stallion Zoon]: and thank you for picking me up
[04:34] -Claudio Mehael- [Stallion Zoon]: would you mind to send me the link to your flicker when you posted it?
[04:35] ΔɱßєƦ [AmberChaudry Corpur]: sure thing i will
[04:35] -Claudio Mehael- [Stallion Zoon]: thank you :-)
[04:42] ΔɱßєƦ [AmberChaudry Corpur]: Alright then took few pics i will post soon
[04:42] ΔɱßєƦ [AmberChaudry Corpur]: and paste you too

[04:42] -Claudio Mehael- [Stallion Zoon]: awww….thank you…..yayyy i am getting popular^^
[04:42] ΔɱßєƦ [AmberChaudry Corpur]: hahahah
[04:42] -Claudio Mehael- [Stallion Zoon]: :-))
[04:42] ΔɱßєƦ [AmberChaudry Corpur]: pft. smiles. and ty for trying out the old outfits :)
[04:43] ΔɱßєƦ [AmberChaudry Corpur]: have a great day
[04:43] -Claudio Mehael- [Stallion Zoon]: you too

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