Berry’s Double Threat Meme

In response to Berry’s Double Threat Meme


Two online screen names you’ve had: Umm I almost always use my own name , I have been told its silly of me to do that but well , i guess i just love me name too much :D, I also started using Masoom as my online name , Its the name of my SL brand.

Two video games you’ve played:  Oh lol, well I used to love playing Lara croft : Tomb Raider, and Sims. Not into those anymore since Sl fulfills all that they had in a way and no more time these days,

Two things you love about Second Life:  The sense of anonymity  and ability to be creative

Two things you’ve done in Second Life:  LOL this question is kinda vague berry , may be if it means accomplishments then being an designer and owning a brand is something i could never have done in RL.

Two things you still want to do in Second Life:  Make my own mesh creations , and taking stunning pics that blow everyone’s mind away :D

Two things you like about your Second Life avatar: I love my avatar head to toe. Cant be unfair by mentioning two, but if i really really have to then her legs and Lips.

Two of your Second Life Pet Peeves:  Uh, Random people IMing or asking for dance and mass TPs

Two things you did as a newb that you’re embarrassed of:


1.On my first day I went on a shopping spree to be extra glad to find a lot of awesome hair for zero lindens and then trying my hardest to figure out why i cant take off that big box on my head without taking those hair off. ( Those were actually demos)

2. I had the newbest avatar and i had the guts to actually enter in a models competition thinking i look the sexiest of all people . Grins .. So laughing

Two of your closest friends in Second Life:  Zoz icon and Dalirada delwood

Two of the most beloved things in your inventory: Maitreya lara body and some Making mesh tutorials i have bought in world.

MASOOM @ Relay for life 2015

It is time Fashion for Life 2015 and [[ Masoom]] is the Platinum sponsor this time around . The event runs March 21st to the 29th . Have a look at what we have to offer for the great cause. TELEPORT here to start shopping and help the great cause. Let’s Relay.

1- 100 % donation to FFL

Includes headpiece , Mesh collar and mesh gown available to be sold as full outfit as well as separate pieces )
[[ Masoom]]  Precious gown evening

2- 100 % donation to FFL
( Includes headpiece and mesh gown available to be sold as full outfit as well as separate pieces )

[[ Masoom]]  song of souls gown main v2

3- New release for event
( Includes chest and head accessories , available to be sold as full outfit as well as separate pieces and Maitreya , TMP and Omega appliers )

[[ Masoom]] Elegant Spring  gown main

Berry’s Sartorialist Challenge

My new year resolution is complete any challenge berry sets on her blog :D I just made that resolution half way through January yes I know.( Puts up her best serious face) , So, I have seen her Monday meme , and went out on the grid on a spree , I thought I would be visiting a lot of sims but I found someone really interesting right on the second sim I tried . So below is the picture ( taken with permission) and the conversation we had. Even though I am a socially inactive person ( Yes , just bloggers are not the ones standing on platforms berry ) But, I  did pretty good. YAY !

Sartorialist Challenge

Mr. Stallion Zoon. SL resident

[04:24] Stallion Zoon: (Saved Tue 13 Jan 2015 17:24:05) sure
[04:28] ΔɱßєƦ [AmberChaudry Corpur]: Ty for replying Zoon, i crashed sorry
[04:29] ΔɱßєƦ [AmberChaudry Corpur]: ok this might sound weird but can i take a pic of you for my flicker
[04:29] -Claudio Mehael- [Stallion Zoon]: ops, sure
[04:29] -Claudio Mehael- [Stallion Zoon]: but where have you seen me?
[04:29] ΔɱßєƦ [AmberChaudry Corpur]: we are doing a kind of activity , where we post pictures of avatars in interesting outfits :)
[04:30] ΔɱßєƦ [AmberChaudry Corpur]: i am on the sim right now
[04:30] ΔɱßєƦ [AmberChaudry Corpur]: i was just viisiting sims for finding someone
[04:30] -Claudio Mehael- [Stallion Zoon]: aaaah thats why^^ sure
[04:30] ΔɱßєƦ [AmberChaudry Corpur]: grins. ok and just curious
[04:30] ΔɱßєƦ [AmberChaudry Corpur]: what kind of outfit is it.
[04:30] -Claudio Mehael- [Stallion Zoon]: lemme take a look^^
[04:30] ΔɱßєƦ [AmberChaudry Corpur]: lol
[04:31] ΔɱßєƦ [AmberChaudry Corpur]: look at urself?
[04:31] -Claudio Mehael- [Stallion Zoon]: its called Imperial
[04:31] -Claudio Mehael- [Stallion Zoon]: and its from Champagne
[04:31] ΔɱßєƦ [AmberChaudry Corpur]: i meant did you dress up as some jinn or RPing as something
[04:31] -Claudio Mehael- [Stallion Zoon]: i was just trying on some old outfits to see if they fit with my new mesh body
[04:31] -Claudio Mehael- [Stallion Zoon]: :-)
[04:32] -Claudio Mehael- [Stallion Zoon]: so nothing spectacular
[04:32] ΔɱßєƦ [AmberChaudry Corpur]: oh its the TMP mesh body ?
[04:32] -Claudio Mehael- [Stallion Zoon]: Its the one from Jomo
[04:32] ΔɱßєƦ [AmberChaudry Corpur]: lol ok i thought you dressed up as a jinn since thats kind of the name of the sim
[04:32] -Claudio Mehael- [Stallion Zoon]: I know
[04:32] ΔɱßєƦ [AmberChaudry Corpur]: ahh ok. i will take the pic now :))
[04:32] -Claudio Mehael- [Stallion Zoon]: its more a Brazilian Outfit
[04:32] -Claudio Mehael- [Stallion Zoon]: sure
[04:32] ΔɱßєƦ [AmberChaudry Corpur]: do you mind me sharing the conversation for the readers?
[04:32] -Claudio Mehael- [Stallion Zoon]: should Berk stand a bit more beside
[04:33] ΔɱßєƦ [AmberChaudry Corpur]: if you can ask him too that would be great :)
[04:33] -Claudio Mehael- [Stallion Zoon]: naw…I am fine
[04:33] -Claudio Mehael- [Stallion Zoon]: as long you dont post my rl adress and phone number to your posting^^
[04:33] ΔɱßєƦ [AmberChaudry Corpur]: lollll oh lol
[04:33] ΔɱßєƦ [AmberChaudry Corpur]: giggles
[04:34] ΔɱßєƦ [AmberChaudry Corpur]: ty so much you are kind
[04:34] -Claudio Mehael- [Stallion Zoon]: anytime again
[04:34] -Claudio Mehael- [Stallion Zoon]: :-)
[04:34] -Claudio Mehael- [Stallion Zoon]: and thank you for picking me up
[04:34] -Claudio Mehael- [Stallion Zoon]: would you mind to send me the link to your flicker when you posted it?
[04:35] ΔɱßєƦ [AmberChaudry Corpur]: sure thing i will
[04:35] -Claudio Mehael- [Stallion Zoon]: thank you :-)
[04:42] ΔɱßєƦ [AmberChaudry Corpur]: Alright then took few pics i will post soon
[04:42] ΔɱßєƦ [AmberChaudry Corpur]: and paste you too

[04:42] -Claudio Mehael- [Stallion Zoon]: awww….thank you…..yayyy i am getting popular^^
[04:42] ΔɱßєƦ [AmberChaudry Corpur]: hahahah
[04:42] -Claudio Mehael- [Stallion Zoon]: :-))
[04:42] ΔɱßєƦ [AmberChaudry Corpur]: pft. smiles. and ty for trying out the old outfits :)
[04:43] ΔɱßєƦ [AmberChaudry Corpur]: have a great day
[04:43] -Claudio Mehael- [Stallion Zoon]: you too

[[ Masoom ]] Bloggers Contest Winners

Masoom Blog

And the winner is……..

First Place: Miranda Abeyante
Second Place: Vicky Yongbo
Third Place: Truana Ansar
Fourth Place: Lisana Rossen
Fifth Place: Darla Watanabe7

[[Masoom Staff]]
AmberChaudry Corpur CEO & Designer
Nimue Grantly General Manager

[[ Masoom]] Sales / Discounts and events

[[ Masoom]] brings you a lot of new sales and discounted events , some fair’s fair news and some monthly sale rooms. Read up ! (Click the names for direct teleports )

1- The Style Icon Fair: (New Release )

[[ Masoom]] Allure Gown main red pink


2- Final Fantasy Festival: (New Release )

[[ Masoom]]  Lightining girl

3- Designer Circle (Sale room )- Discounted

[[ Masoom]] Incurable outfit main new


4- Designer Showcase – Discounted

[[ Masoom ]]  veera Avenue


5- The Pre Release Gatcha

[[ Masoom ]] PR ruined top gatcha vendor




[[ Masoom]] @ FROST

Frost fair is here , check out the deals and new seasonal releases from [[ Masoom]], Don’t miss out

[[ Masoom ]] Merlene coat dress red [[ Masoom]] Glam mood dress with hud [[ Masoom ]] Roza boots [[ Masoom ]] Roza jacket [[ Masoom ]] Roza top and tee

Clock is ticking

[[ Masoom ]] is participating in the 24 Event, many of your favorite designers in one place, The best part is that every one of the designers had put out one of a kind never before seen and never to be sold again exclusive item. Now that is something we don’t see everyday. If you have not yet visited The 24, you should do it right away, before the event is gone, its only ONE week long and ends 31st August 2013 Here is the stuff from [[ Masoom ]]. [[ Masoom]] booth is in the pink women’s wear section.


Map view of [[ Masoom ]] booth

[[ Masoom ]] @ the 24


1- Cella gown- red 100 % mesh – Limited edition exclusive

[[ Masoom ]]  Cella gown red  for the 24


2- Cella gown- Black 100 % mesh – Limited edition exclusive


[[ Masoom ]]  Cella gown for the 24


3- Elenora v2- New release @ The 24 :


[[ Masoom ]]  Elenora v2 main

Other Available Gown :

[[ Masoom ]] Mia dress- main

See you there :D :D


[[ Masoom ]] @ The Thrift shop -2


[[ Masoom ]] is participating in the new round of The thrift shop, many of your favorite designers in one place, Here is the stuff from [[ Masoom ]]



>> Afra lingerie – New release for the thrift shop

[[ Masoom ]]  Afra lingerie  main


>>> Limited time Discounted items



[[ Masoom ]] Symphony - main [[ Masoom ]] Berry dress vendor [[ Masoom ]]  mishti top  main

[[ Masoom ]] New release

Asil dress is the new release by [[ Masoom ]] only available at the LE.LOOK outlet. Pictures attached

[[ Masoom ]]  Asil dress main v2 [[ Masoom ]]  Asil dress main

Asil dress mp all colors

[[ Masoom ]] – what’s on sale ?

oh well a few things are actually :))

First thing you can find in store, Monica outfit, is on the list of 55 Thursdays this round . TP to [[ Masoom ]]


[[ Masoom ]] monica outfitt- main

Amina dress – 4 pretty colors, and tango completable 75 Linden each . BUY HERE

[[ Masoom ]] Amina dress pink main



Meli outfit- tops and pants- Under 90 linden – BUY HERE




[[ Masoom ]] Meli Top- main [[ Masoom ]] Meli Pants- main



Solitude tops , Four colors , Lolas tango compatible  65 L each- BUY HERE


[[ Masoom ]]  Solitude funky spring top

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Established in 2007, JuicyBomb is a Second Life fashion blog featuring reviews, tutorials, and events coverage.

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