[[ Masoom ]] Hunts

We are going to organize this hunt based on old Persian theme, think about anything ancient, makeup, clothes,home and garden open your mind, I know we would see some really good revolutionary ideas, your only compulsion is to stay IN the theme, because hunters would only want to be in the hunt because they like the theme. Hunters will have to follow the clues to look for the next spot.

Hunt  Type : Sim Wide Hunt

Hunt dates : Nov-25 to Dec-25

Hunt object : The winged Lion

Start Location : [[ Masoom]]

Hunt object Cost : 1 L

Please read Before applying

Important :

* This is not a free hunt. Hunt item will be 1L.
* Must make something NEW or Revised ( new color or style of item) Hunters would be paying for the items so it would be only appropriate not to disappoint them.
*A total of  25 vendors.
* If you have any plans of moving and/or closing, or NOT sure about it please inform before hand. If we see a store empty and not informed about, it is going to be dropped.
* You must join the Hunt group.(NO IFS AND/OR BUTS ABOUT IT.) All info will go through the group not to the individuals.
* A Picture and Hint MUST be sent in of your item.
If you agree to all the above things please follow the link to apply

Hunt Vendor Application: 

Hunt Bloggers Application:

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