Bloggers Application


If you are a blogger and would like to feature our products please fill out

The Online Form


Send a notecard with below requirements and send back to
Amberchaudry Corpur (Owner) or Morghana Savira (Blogger Manager)

We would be glad to have you as part of our Team.

– 3 months old blog or older
– High quality photos
– Have an own Flickr Account
– Syndicated with a minimum of 3 SL feeds
– If blog is “multi-autor”, we accept ONE person for Blog

– Your readers and myself MUST see the product.
– [[MASOOM]] moves to blogotex system, IW blogger group is not required.
– Our logo, landmark and link to our website somewhere on your blog.
Do take the TP to [[Masoom]] Mainstore or Flickr  and take a look at our creations.
We want our bloggers to share our passion and even be proud to be seen wearing our outfits.
★ You must join the Masoom inworld group in order to receive blogger copies.
★ You must do at least 4 posts per month
★ Your blog must be provide of search bar
★ If Masoom takes part of an event provide event slurl on your post, otherwise Masoom Mainstore slurl.
★ Tags to Masoom when making your posts to your blog
★ Tags to Masoom group when making your posts to Flickr
★ If you are unable to blog FOR ANY REASON, you must contact Morghana Savira. If do not blog must let know why you can’t. Bloggers who do not meet the requirements for two months will be removed.

IMPORTANT: Rename the notecard as “Masoom Blogger Application ( Your name)
*Date of your application:
*Your Full Name in SL (no display name):
*Your Blog Link *
*Your Flickr Link *
*Your blog is Syndicated on which SL Feeds? (please write links)
*Have you blogged Masoom item before? (if so add link)
*How Many Post Make Per Week? *
*Other Socials you are in (Links)*
*Why you want Blog for Masoom *
*How did you find out about [[Masoom]]*
*Can You join in Masoom Blogger Group? *
*Can You put Masoom Logo in your Blog as a sponsor? *
*Are you already Masoom Official Blogger *

Please do not forget to rename the notecard.

Thank you very much for reading, we look forward to work with you.


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