[[Masoom]] Julia Bento Gloves @ Cosmopolitan

[[Masoom]] is happy to say we are participating in the birthday round of  Cosmopolitan
<Julia Bento Gloves> New release @ Cosmopolitan (July 31st – August 12th) Cosmopolitan Birthday round has a special free gift Harness Top too!!!20524241_1017781074991471_1201804478_o.png

<Julia Bento Gloves> are made with 100 % original mesh and textures, exclusive for Cosmopolitan. The Gloves are made for Vista and Maitreya Bento hands. They have materials enabled. Each purchase comes with Hud to change Belt color, with 15 options.


<Julia Gloves> come in your choice of 15 colors. Fatpack hud includes all 15 colors, the Belt Hud and the exclusive ability to mix and match colors on the front and back of your gloves for your own personalized look.20536153_1017780361658209_1618963313_o<Julia Bento Gloves> will be available in the MAINSTORE on August 13th after the Birthday round of Cosmopolitan ends. Have fun at the Event everyone!


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