Its about the “LIKES”

From a while I wanted to do this post because  often I see bloggers and sometimes designers talking about the posts “likes” specifically on FB and Flickr, Very recently I saw a very similar post from someone whose pictures I admire a lot , wondering that she never gets enough likes on pictures and it was disheartening to her and wondering that may be her pictures are not good enough. That made me very sad seeing her doubt herself so I want to end that discussion once and for all lol.

To be honest I was the same for a while but I understood it very quickly that its not always about the pictures and if you don’t get enough likes you should not be disheartened. YES ! the quality of pictures does affect the likes you get So here is a itsy bitsy tiny experiment ( kinda ) that I did.

Someone did one of my designs picture for me , I posted that on my flickr and she posted on hers. Below is mine; notice the views and likes:

pic 2

and here is her picture; Note the views and likes ;

Pic 1

Its the same picture, with different views and number of likes, So, If you don’t get enough likes please never take it to heart. There are many factors such as

  • The number of followers,
  • The time zone and time  you post on,
  • The day of week you post on,
  • The group you shared your work on,
  • Number of pictures that you post at one time , and also
  • How active are you on the media ( interacting, liking commenting on other people’s work )

I am certain there are many more but those are the few i could think of, If you can think of more please do comment.

I hope this all made some sense, and lifted someone’s spirits.

Hugs and kisses

Amber ♥


6 thoughts on “Its about the “LIKES”

  1. As a blogger I’ve had this issue too – being concerned over what the flicker views/favs have to say. It’s good to see someone encouraging people to take heart and letting them know that it has nothing to do with their skill.

  2. Amber, you made my day today with this post. I saw it soon after I awoke and I thought to myself how very wonderful that you took the time to research and respond. After I originally voiced my frustration on FB, a few people contacted me and gave me suggestions and insight such as yours. I truly appreciate the support I’ve received and your tips are basically what others have mentioned too. Thank you for your vote of confidence and helpful tips! ♥♥

  3. Awww Amber,

    This post made me feel better as well. I’ve been blogging now for over a year and have gone through all kinds of issues! But the one re-occurring thing is the likes and the doubt that comes with not getting many. Or as many as others. Even of of my friends who has started blogging after me has over 4 times as many followers and so many more likes. It gets to you after a while and makes you feel inferior and question your own work or if you are ‘good enough.’ Some stores even say not to apply to them if you don’t have x amount of likes on all your pictures. Sometimes its hard with that particular friend as well when you want to be happy for her but then you feel a little jealous and don’t want to admit it because its ‘wrong’ to feel that way.

    But I am very very very glad that you put up a post about it. I love blogging. It shouldn’t be about the likes or the followers. Its should be about the content and the mood I had while doing it… because I enjoy it.

    So thank you <3

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