[[ Masoom ]] @ the event- hollywood

Heard about the fab event hollywood yet ??? i am sure you have, 80 designers on one place with 80 exclusives and 80 free gifts.. worth missing??? nope. event lasts till 14th April so hurry up and get yourself the goodness, ( IF you can get in that is ) :D . Find [[ Masoom ]] Here

Mia- in 6 colors- Inspired by a Galliano Couture

[[ Masoom ]] Mia dress- main

Neelam- the event new release.

[[ Masoom ]] Neelam dress- main

Nisse- The event new release -2

[[ Masoom ]] Nisse dress- main

Monica is my exclusive for the event.

[[ Masoom ]] monica outfitt- main [[ Masoom ]] Sin outfit- stars [[ Masoom ]] Sin outfit- shine [[ Masoom ]] Sin outfit- jaguar [[ Masoom ]] Sin outfit- basic [[ Masoom ]] Sin outfit- main v2 [[ Masoom ]] Elenora gown gold- main v2

[[ Masoom ]] Swag bag gift- FREE

[[ Masoom ]] Alisha dress gem green vendor blk


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