[[ Masoom ]] @ pose fair 2013

Pose fair is very likely the most awaited fairs of the year especially for bloggers and designers , and Now is the time for pose fair , many talented designers have come forward to make you FOUR exclusives items especially released for the fair , and some of the shops have all the poses made just for the pose fair. Its something you must not miss. Below are the items from [[ Masoom ]] , you can find these exclusives and ,any discounted items Plus a dollarbie at the [[ Masoom ]] booth. BUY HERE


[[ Masoom ]] going to a party pose [[ Masoom ]] Hareem girl poses [[ Masoom ]] jewellery  poses [[ Masoom ]] different flavoured friends [[ Masoom ]] Nail poses [ Awkward ] [[ Masoom ]] Nail poses [ Elegant ] [[ Masoom ]] shoe poses(sitting) [[ Masoom ]] shoe poses[ Standing ] [[ Masoom ]] simple girl poses





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