Bye bye spring

Ok, well I know Spring is almost gone in many parts of the world, and in my part of the world its waving us bye bye , but is still here for some reason :P lol, so its kinda confusing for me what to make for my sl customers, I am not sure if everyone relates to their AV as much as I do, but thinking of wearing a closed neck sweater and taking its snapshots really did make me feel uncomfortably warm , and my SL store is my passion for fun and creativity, so instead of giving out a neck scarf or ear muffs  for the gatcha item I ended up making this one shoulder top. But I do realize Spring wont last forever, and you can save these for the bye bye spring parties or wear them in so many other Stylish ways  :D, visit here to play the gatcha. Only 25l per play .

PS : If you ever buy any items from [[ Masoom ]] and like taking your gorgeous  snapshots, I would like to add those to my blog here and my flicker group too.

So here is my flicker group link, feel free to add you Masoom related stuff only please.

For getting pictures added to blog here, please IM me inworld

Amberchaudry corpur

( grinnnssss)


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