TAH Current store List

Here is the current store list, vendors that have been approved and invited to the hunt vendors group, please note that the hunt is still farther away and as we all know things change right on the nick of time, thus this list is subjected to change. The stores names are not in any particular order.

*Store owner Name: clementina criss
*Store: retro’

*Store Owners Name: Lilly Juno
*Store Name: Prism Furniture

*Store Owner Name:bee Tizzy
*Store Name:Vips Corner

*Store Owners Name: PandoraPithos Resident & Evelynn Kingsley
*Store Name: [E+HeR3@L (hA0s]

*Store Owners Name: Laufey Markstein
*Store Name: T R I D E N T

*Second Contact/Hunt Coordinator: Laufey Markstein
*Store Name: T R I D E N T Jewelry

*Store Owners Name: Kaori Ghost
*Store Name: h.o.e. inc. [houseofenvydesigns]

*Store Owners Name : Pierre Ceriano
*Store Name : Pierre Ceriano

*Store Owners Name: Alessia Rodeyn
*Store Name:Second Nature

*Store Owners Name: Kristabel Ashmoot
*Store Name: AsHmOoT

*Store Owners Name: jaraloy swords
*Store Name: AIDORU

*Store Owners Name: Czari Zenovka
*Store Name: Czari’s Attic

*Store Owners Name: Paulette Parkin
*Store Name: Parkins Textures

*Store Owners Name: Athy Aya
*Store Name: Athy Designs Furniture

*Store Owners Name: Elica Bowenford
*Store Name: EBDesign

*Store Owners Name: Jenika Jaxxon
*Store Name: .HollyWeird.


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