1- Amour Fashion New Release

Adding the new version of my pictures, fixed the windlight  , i realized, i always used the same windlight setting because it is good for shadows ( And makes my face look prettier :P) , that i did not realize what is the true color for the outfit. Being goofy or what ^_^

Super excited about my very first post related to blogging, here is New from Amour Fashion, this Mesh dress comes in two styles, and the black beaded necklace is also a part of the outfit. 175 Lindens only. Buy Here . Enjoy


6 thoughts on “1- Amour Fashion New Release

  1. I love that dress, I actually own a copy, but it’s white, not grey, I don’t know how it ended up looking grey on your images. It’s a real shame that people can’t see how it really looks like.

    1. Hi Gabby, I’m thinking its because of a different wind light setting i used to take the picture. I am fairly new to this, it was actually my first post as a blogger, But thanks for mentioning it, next time i will keep that in mind. Thank you for comment.

      1. Ah, that may be why… Try the AnaLu Studio 5 light, great for pictures (if you don’t really need the shadows). That is what I use for my product pics, cause I want the outfits to show their true colors.

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